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Arrangement Knowledge of Furniture Exhibition Hall | General Knowledge of Magic Works

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How to display the furniture in the furniture exhibition hall more attractive? Many people will go to the furniture town of stores to choose and buy. Arrangement of the furniture shall directly impact the sales volume. How to place the furniture well to stimulate consumers to buy successfully?


We use an example to compare below; let everyone to judge!






Importance of lighting design in furniture exhibition hall

Design of furniture exhibition hall belongs to space design and has its own uniqueness, aimed at convenience for customers to know products of the company more intuitive so as to stimulate the consumption. Therefore, the design is a kind of display design activity for the purpose of trading.






What kind of feeling does the simple product list show you? Whether the list shall stimulate you to continue to walk into to appreciate other products?

The lighting design of the exhibition hall has great influence on the style effect of exhibits. Lighting can both weaken and strengthen the style. Besides, lighting effect can be used for executing lighting modeling for the exhibition space; indoor sense of hierarchy and rhythm can be created through lighting to obtain better exhibition atmosphere. Lights of different colors in the same space shall give people different feelings. The protean exhibition hall depends on the role of lighting to a large degree. To a certain extent, lighting makes products more perfect so that customers enjoy the atmosphere of the exhibition hall more and have better evaluation on products.